The first three months is the period of the greatest vulnerability for patients with a critical illness. Families are confused and in chaos. Immediate care is portioned out by rotating doctors, in a random manner. There is very limited continuity of care, allowing for the possibility of mistakes. Communications with doctors is minimal and families don’t know where to turn for clear answers and guidance.

Now patients have the option of purchasing RCM Priority Call. For three crucial months, patients receive unlimited case management from the Priority Call team. The team expertly co-ordinates, co-manages, advocates, educates, informs, challenges and directs the patient’s entire journey.

Your RCM Priority Call team analyzes, reviews, insists and persists to ensure you, or a family member, will benefit from gifted clinicians with advanced skills for superior outcomes.

That’s why purchasing RCM Priority Call with critical illness insurance is the best way to protect oneself, family members or employees.